Does Webex Meet Your Industry Security Requirements?

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Every industry is different. While the security features protecting Cisco collaboration solutions are second to none, every collaboration customer has different security requirements based on their industry. Let’s explore three of Cisco’s sector-specific collaboration solutions and how they are protected. […]

How WebEx Security Protects Your Files & Shared Data

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With your team communicating more over video meetings and through collaboration platforms like Webex Teams, you want to be sure that any files you share remain secure. Sharing files over email and through cloud storage solutions that you trust might be part of your approach, but what about when you want to integrate this file sharing [...]

How Secure is Webex?

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Collaboration tools enhance innovation and productivity while allowing for flexible work environments.  In the past, we thought some meetings required a face-to-face discussion; however, we’ve learned to use collaboration software tools. An added benefit has been the minimizing of travel time and expenses. Collaboration tools offer a rich experience that can emulate the personal interaction of [...]

Cisco WebEx vs Zoom: Remote Workforce Need Secure Collaboration Tools

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Cisco has led the way in collaboration tools with over 25 years of secure and reliable service. Cisco understands that knowledge workers need secure collaboration tools, especially when they work from home.   Security Comparison A culture of security is embedded in Cisco's DNA. The Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle, (CSDL), ensures security is built into Webex from [...]

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