Why Addressing Stadium Security Now Is Critical

Stadiums today are leveraging technology in new and exciting ways, equipping their arenas with state-of-the-art technology to tighten up security measures and offer a better in-stadium experience. It truly is a new digital age for stadiums, equipping their venues with Wi-Fi access for fans to bypass crowded cellular networks, geolocation via wireless sensors to help them find their cars after the game, and integrated video management systems with advanced analytics to automatically detect and identify threats.

With all of these new technology solutions in place, protecting the digital infrastructure of stadiums and arenas has never been more important. With every new digital solution comes a set of potential vulnerabilities that bad actors can exploit, and without putting the proper precautions in place, it’s only a matter of time before they do. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, stadiums and arenas are not operating at their normal capacity, which makes this the perfect time for venue management teams to enhance their digital security infrastructure.

But what can stadiums do specifically to take advantage of this unique situation? Here’s a list of the top 3 ways stadium IT teams can leverage integrated security solutions to button up venue safety.

Integrated Video Systems

Integrated Video Management Systems (VMS) are camera systems with the ability to generate and send alerts to key personnel in the event of an emergency. Using the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and even facial recognition, these enhanced cameras can be configured to automatically detect and identify potential threats in real-time. These robust camera systems can even utilize heat mapping and guest counters to manage pedestrian traffic to help maintain compliance in high-traffic areas. Security teams can enable these features across some or all of their cameras, depending on the needs of the venue.

Secure, Segregated Wireless Networks

Exploiting vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks are among the top ways threat actors access public data. Even the most well-meaning cybersecurity solutions can have holes due to missed software patches, unidentified security protocol gaps, and missed security settings within network equipment.

To help stifle the attempts of cybersecurity threats against a stadium’s wireless network, a robust wireless control system and segregated networks is a must. Cisco Meraki offers wireless antennas created specifically with stadiums and arenas in mind, designed for high-density connectivity and top tier security. With Cisco Meraki network equipment, stadium IT teams can create segregated networks to allow for fan connectivity without compromising their critical Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

Asset Management Systems

Stadiums and arenas use a plethora of wireless and handheld devices to keep operations running smoothly during game time and beyond. From wireless POS systems to the tablets used to display playbooks, these small yet powerful devices could easily be stolen if they aren’t being watched carefully. The use of an asset management system that can geolocate devices and wipe them if they get into the wrong hands will help protect all of the data being circulated throughout the stadium.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

At Acadia, our primary focus is to help stadiums and large venues develop a customized security solution that fits their needs and meets all regulatory requirements.

Download a copy of our Stadium Security Checklist to learn about more ways you can tighten up security at your stadium.

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