Boost Deployment Efficiency and Minimize Change Windows with IBN

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Network downtime is the enemy of any business. Unplanned downtime results in frustrated customers and irritated employees – not to mention wasting thousands of dollars per minute. Planned downtime for upgrades, changes and testing is almost equally problematic. Despite the opportunity to alert employees and customers ahead of time, planned downtime [...]

Automatically Documenting Network Activity with IBN

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Network documentation is time-consuming, tedious and is often outdated by the time you finish. It’s a task that usually ends up at the bottom of to-do lists, which is problematic given the importance of documenting network activity to ensure compliance and security. Intent-based networking (IBN) takes this task off the shoulders of IT staff by [...]

How IBN Automates Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

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Network downtime costs businesses an average of $5,600 per minute. Depending on the business, that can add up to anywhere from $140,000 to $540,000 per hour. And downtime repercussions aren’t just monetary. Outages can prevent customers from accessing the valuable information and services they need, depleting their trust, damaging company reputation and possibly driving customers [...]

Shift Your IT Team’s Focus to Big Picture Items with IBN

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Your IT team members were hired for their knowledge, experience and expertise. Most organizations are at some stage of digital transformation, with projects in the works to improve user experiences via mobile technology and cloud-based applications. Developing innovative, transformative technology takes time and focus. […]

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