Acadia helps enterprise’s design secure solutions that meet both your compliance requirements and industry best practices. Our approach will help you reduce the scope of systems that are required to be compliant while minimizing your investment in systems, hardware, and monitoring tools. So you can become PCI-compliant faster, without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, network security is about maintaining the integrity of your organization, your company, your data, brand, and systems. We’ll work with you to identify the gap between your existing state of security and the desired state.

You may need multiple layers of security, monitoring, and protection for your systems so you’re not reliant on one single source of protection against anyone looking to do you harm or penetrate your systems to get at sensitive information. We’ll help you to help you understand exactly what’s required.


Security Services Portfolio

SOAR Technology – Security Orchestration and Threat Defense Enrichment

  • SOAR Technology Solutions Design and Implementation
  • Assessment and Product Selection
  • Architecture, Design and Implementation
  • Cross Departmental Communication
  • SOAR integration for SOC (secret sauce)
  • SOAR Site Assessment for SOAR Program Executive Support through Business Case Development
  • SOAR Threat Feed Integrations and Enrichment

Stadium-Arena Cybersecurity Compliance Services

  • Compliance preparation with US Federal and State regulatory cybersecurity requirements to include PCI, HIPAA, Sports Franchise (NFL, Gaming, etc.)
  • Best Practices and Compliance in Industrial Control Systems implementation and management
  • NFL Security Policy Audit Preparation
  • NFL Stadium/Arena ICS Cybersecurity Best Practices Audit Preparation

Network Security – Segmentation, Architecture, and the NOC

  • Cisco Next Generation Firewalls Selection, Design, and Implementation
  • Cisco Network Security Architecture Review
  • Switch Pre-deployment hardening and testing
  • L2/L3 Switching subsystems Secure Architectures for Campus, MAN, Internet, and 3rd parties

Secure Services – Point Solutions and Value Subscriptions

  • Digital Footprint – External Quarterly Review Subscription
  • Information Security Point Solutions – Products and Services

Information Security Governance and Management

  • ISO27000 Security Management Systems
  • ISO20001 Security Control Design and Implementation
  • SOC2 Security Control Design and Implementation
  • DOD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Process Design and Documentation
  • PII at the State, Federal and EU governance domains

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