How Can Network Automation Be Improved With SDN

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As networks are quickly transforming into platforms for agile applications and analytics, IT leaders are challenged to achieve greater efficiencies through network automation. Traditionally, network automation involved simple scripts embedded in device configurations to handle repetitive tasks. For the most part, network provisioning and configurations were manually performed. The manual processes [...]

Build a Next Gen Network with SDN and IBN

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Historically, configuring network switches, firewalls and other infrastructure components was a slow, largely manually process. Generally, a network operator entered configuration changes through the Command Line Interface for each piece of equipment.  The old-fashioned approach was inflexible, the installation process was time-consuming, and the deployments were error-prone. […]

Cisco DNA Center FAQ: What Your Peers Are Asking

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Enterprises are turning to Cisco DNA Center for its robust security features, time-saving tools for troubleshooting and provisioning, ease of endpoint management, and more. As enterprises integrate DNA Center, some have questions about integrating the technology into their current network infrastructure. Answering these key questions gives firms a better picture of the integration process and how [...]

DNA Center Integration: A 3-Step Guide to Success

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CIOs are turning to centralized network management solutions such as Cisco’s DNA Center to prepare enterprises for change. In fact, digital transformation spending is set to increase by 42 percent by the end of 2019, according to IDC. Firms are turning to DNA Center to take advantage of digital transformation and retain a competitive edge while [...]

Keep Up With IoT Demands With Endpoint Management for Enterprises

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IoT and BYOD technology are rapidly expanding the number of endpoints firms need to manage. To keep up with the explosive demand, firms are turning to centralized endpoint management for enterprises to ensure their network’s performance and security. […]

How Centralized Network Management Helps Solve Security Challenges for Enterprises

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One driver of growth is digital transformation. Firms that embrace this approach to digitization will see an increase in data, especially if they use more mobile and IoT solutions. Centralized network management helps enterprises embrace progress while preventing a successful network breach. In a recent survey, 83% of IT professionals described their most pressing application management [...]

New SDN Solution Provides Greater Network Security and Agility

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Enterprise data centers face constantly evolving application needs and complex traffic variance. Cisco’s application-centric infrastructure (ACI) provides the missing link that finally lets applications guide networking behavior. […]

How SD-WAN Can Support Your Enterprise Operations and Growth

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In the age of digital transformation, IoT, the cloud, and mobility are erasing what was once the network edge. Your enterprise must gather data and connect countless endpoints via network and infrastructure solutions that can operate in a holistic and agile way regardless of the disparate locations of the enterprise and [...]

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