Managing IoT in Banking with Cisco DNA Center

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A fundamental shift in the way financial products and services are delivered has made IoT in banking a hot topic, and one we have discussed at length with customers and industry veterans. Now, Acadia has teamed up with Cisco to help financial institutions exceed customer and employee demand for a great user experience that strengthens [...]

Keep Up With IoT Demands With Endpoint Management for Enterprises

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IoT and BYOD technology are rapidly expanding the number of endpoints firms need to manage. To keep up with the explosive demand, firms are turning to centralized endpoint management for enterprises to ensure their network’s performance and security. […]

Exploring Connections Between In-Memory Computing and IoT

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Businesses across industries are under increasing pressure to be more competitive, reduce customer churn, and improve customer engagement and experiences. To achieve this, enterprises have turned to big data and analytics which in turn has produced oceans of data continuously generated in real-time. […]

How IoT is Impacting the Financial Services Industry

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IT spending in the financial industry is on the rise and projected to reach $387 billion by the end of this year. The area growing the fastest? Software investment. This spike in tech spending is largely because digital transformation and IoT are finally making their way into the finance sector. While industries that manage highly [...]

With the Rise of IoT in a Connected World, Who Should Own the Data?

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The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is going through a period of acceleration cementing its place as a critical component to many industries and consumers. However, this raises important questions concerning the ownership of data, but the answers aren’t exactly obvious. Because of the sheer amount of data that’s [...]

How IoT is Introducing Technology in Non-Digitized Industries

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In the digital age, advances in connectivity and cloud computing are creating real value from an enormous amount of data collected from a world of ubiquitous sensing. While the incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected within the digital enterprise space, its emergence within non-digitized industries has been revolutionary. [...]

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