Intent-Based Networking

With high-profile data breaches making headlines regularly, compliance is more than just a matter of following industry regulations. It’s a matter of protecting your firm’s reputation and maintaining the trust you’ve built with your clients.

Ensuring network compliance using traditional network architecture is tedious at best. Intent-based networking (IBN) offers seamless monitoring, verification and enforcement 24/7/365. It does this by relying not on people, but on AI.

The Gaps in Traditional Network Compliance

Intent-Based Networking

Maintaining compliance in a traditional network is a monumental task. Patches need to be applied consistently and perfectly. New devices need to be added manually. One mistake can lead to an expensive, damaging data leak.

Uncovering gaps in traditional network structures also takes time. Static audits only look at a snapshot of your network, and with IoT, the network state is constantly in flux.

Even the most experienced network administrators can make errors. IBN moves the responsibility for maintaining and verifying compliance from people to AI, which will work tirelessly while adapting to ever-changing network conditions.

The Role of AI in Compliance

Intent-Based Networking

IBN expresses networking through four functions: translation, activation, assurance and infrastructure. AI is the driver behind all these functions, taking your business intent and translating it into policies and activating them on the network.

The assurance function is what ensures network compliance. AI processes real-time data from across the network, using machine learning to know what data is relevant and what’s just noise. For example, if there is a sudden influx in onboarding at an unusual time or from an unusual location, AI will recognize it as a problem and automatically apply solutions, seamlessly protecting your network.

Today’s app-driven, mobile work environment requires a different approach to networking. Real-time, always-on AI assurance allows you to stay a step ahead of network issues and data loss, giving your firm a competitive edge.

Plugging into the Assurance Engine

Intent-Based Networking

IBN uses an AI-driven feedback loop to translate your business intent into reality across your network. IBN is continuously collecting data and providing actionable, intelligent and relevant insights into your network.

Cisco’s IBN is backed by more than 30 years of experience and 5,000 built-in models. AI uses this information, combines it with your own, and uses it 24/7/365 for compliance monitoring, verification and enforcement, reducing network security risk. The Network Assurance Engine changes the game, keeps you ahead of the competition and gives you the ability to keep up the ever-changing compliance regulations with relative ease and without burdening your IT management team.

Acadia Technology Group helps businesses transition to IBN and take advantage of AI for compliance. They develop solutions tailored to your needs and work with you each step of the way. Visit our website to learn more about IBN’s compliance capabilities and how it could revolutionize your business.