Ready Your Firm for Digital Transformation with Cisco DNA Center

Today’s progressive enterprises embrace digital transformation. Making this transformation requires substantial investments in the latest devices and technology. A centralized network management solution provides a tool for managing this essential transformation while ensuring enterprise network security. 

The Case for Digital Transformation

The Case for Digital Transformation

According to IDC’s report FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2018 Predictions, digital transformation spending is expected to reach $1.7 trillion worldwide by the end of 2019. This level of expenditure shows many enterprises are investing in digital technology, but the same report also notes that 59 percent of companies are stuck at what IDC calls a “digital impasse.”

Firms that are reluctant to move forward with digital transformation may be daunted by the costs or by the enormity of the task. In terms of the cost, though, firms who move forward with digital transformation see an increase in revenue. For example, IDC predicts that by 2020, more than half of Global 2000 firms will see their revenue from information-based products and services grow at twice the rate as the rest of their product/service portfolio.

Digital transformation is also key to retaining a competitive edge. According to John T. Marcante, CIO of Vanguard, companies used to remain on the S&P 500 for an average of 61 years. As of 2011, that average had dropped to 18 years. Now, companies are being replaced every two weeks. This shift is largely driven by an enterprise’s willingness to embrace digital transformation.

Developing a Digital Transformation Strategy

Developing a Digital Transformation Strategy

As with any business goal, it’s vital to develop a digital transformation strategy that’s specific to the needs of your organization. As you develop that strategy, you would do well to consider three key areas: the customer experience, your network readiness, and your level of network security.

The Customer Experience

Enterprises today have more data on their customers than ever before. That data can be used to personalize and enhance customer experiences, which can be delivered through robust mobile applications. You can also streamline other aspects of the customer experience through digitizing products and services. For example, many financial firms are moving to digitally onboarding new customers, using mobile applications and digital signatures.

Network Readiness

Improving the customer experience through digital transformation will have an impact on your network. Increasing the number of customers accessing your network means managing an exponentially growing number of endpoints. Consider whether your network is ready for this extra traffic and the additional labor maintaining it will involve. Implementing a centralized network management solution simplifies network management, allowing your team to easily make network changes and adapt to the increased traffic.

Enterprise Network Security

As the number of endpoints increases on your network, so does your exposure to security risks. Customers and employees alike may unwittingly introduce malware into your network. Explore security tools that enhance your network security, such as network microsegmentation, which refines your current segmentation protocols, and proactive monitoring tools that analyze data in real-time and isolate potential security threats.

Implementing Your Digital Transformation with DNA Center

Implementing Your Digital Transformation with DNA Center

Digital transformation has the potential to accelerate your firm’s growth. To achieve digital transformation while addressing potential network issues and increase enterprise network security, you need an innovative centralized network management solution that’s agile and scalable.

Cisco’s DNA Center is an intent-based networking solution that fast-tracks your firm’s digital transformation. It wraps in SD-Access, which gives you a single network fabric across LAN and WLAN. SD-Access accelerates digital transformation by:

  • Minimizing manual configurations. Digital transformation will, by definition, involve changes to your network. SD-Access simplifies these changes, allowing you to deploy endpoints with just a few clicks.
  • Enhancing network security. SD-Access provides end-to-end segmentation, which secures users, applications, and devices with identity-based policies rather than policies based on location. Policy-setting is a simple task, and policies are provisioned automatically.
  • Increasing control. SD-Access gives you a bird’s-eye view of your network, allowing them to easily design, manage, and provision your network to meet the needs of your digital transformation.

DNA Center is a single dashboard that integrates all your core network tools, making it simple to implement the changes required for digital transformation. From the dashboard, you can easily design your network by importing physical maps for easy reference. New device discovery is automatic, eliminating time-consuming deployments. Policy creation is also a simple task, and provisioning is an automated, zero-touch process. Create virtual networks, access control policies, and application policies with just a few clicks.

DNA Center Assurance and Analytics ensure your network is up to the digital transformation task. It uses predictive analytics to analyze your network, alerting your team to issues quickly and providing steps for guided remediation. It includes tools such as:

  • Network Time Travel, which allows your staff to view network issues in a timeline. They get the contextual information they need to resolve network issues quickly.
  • Device 360/Client 360, which gives you information on every connectivity angle, including topology and latency.
  • Path Trace, which provides a visualization of the path of a service or application along with connectivity statistics.
  • Intelligent Capture, which proactively finds and resolves wireless problems through packet capture and radio scanning.

DNA Center accelerates digital transformation by giving your firm the tools needed to better analyze customer data, ensuring your network is ready for change, and hardening your network security. At Acadia Technology Group, we know the importance of getting your firm prepared for change. With our years of expertise, we know how to optimize DNA Center to accelerate your digital transformation. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with DNA Center.