Which Cybersecurity Threats Affect Your Network the Most? Find Out Here


From ransomware to phishing attacks, your network cyber criminals are constantly creating and deploying ways to breach your network. To understand how to stop these attacks, you’ll need to know the overall landscape of network security threats.

Acadia Technology Group has created an overview of the threat landscape, taking a look back at 2017 and a look forward to what your organization may face this year as you look to secure your networks while providing users and stakeholders access to the data they need to grow the business. The white paper “Threat Matrix 2018” includes:

  • A look back at security breaches from 2017 from WannaCry to Equifax
  • Trends in network security threats for 2018
  • How Software-Defined Networking (SDN) provides workable solutions to network security
  • Key insights into integrating SDN into existing network infrastructures
  • Real-world use cases employing SDN for streamlined network protection

Access “Threat Matrix 2018” today to better understand the practical applications of SDN and how this emerging technology affects network operations both now and in the years to come.