How Software-Defined Networking Revolutionizes Enterprise Network Management


Enterprises today face monumental shifts in leveraging of the most relevant technology and solutions. One of the solutions that will have the most impact is software-defined networking.

Acadia Technology Group is on the front lines of digital transformation for enterprises. We’ve compiled the most relevant information about software-defined networking and compiled it into a comprehensive white paper called, “The Role of Software-Defined Access in the Future of Networking.”

In this document you’ll learn:

  • The role Cisco’s iteration of software-defined networking (SD-Access) plays in automating network admin tasks
  • How to turn existing network structures into a holistic, intuitive operation designed for remote management and efficient operations
  • How SD-Access reduced IT operational expenses by 61% in field trials

SD-Access also provides for centralized management of network operations for low-hassle, streamlined modifications and upgrades. Discover more about how this powerful technology can transform your network by downloading, “The Role of Software-Defined Access in the Future of Networking.”