An Overview of Intuitive Networks

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Our partner and industry leader, Cisco, recently announced that an entirely new era of networking had just begun. When the tech giant previously claimed to be years ahead of their networking competitors, they were actually referring to their new network intuitive initiative. This new technology is primarily designed to take advantage [...]

Ransomware in the Legal Industry – How to Protect your Firm

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Ransomware attacks are on the rise, grabbing headlines on a global stage. In April 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that cyber criminals have already extorted $209 million from companies in just three months. This statistic showed that ransomware was on track to become a billion-dollar crime by the end [...]

Building Complex Networks with Virtual Networking

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Virtual networking is a computer network that consists of a virtual network link. The virtual network link does not consist of a physical, wired or wireless, connection between computing devices and is implemented using methods of network virtualization. Two of the most common forms of virtual networks are protocol-based virtual networks and virtual networks that are based [...]

Managing a Myriad of Mobile Devices

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The lines between various mobile devices are blurring. As real world applicable mobile technology has just taken flight, many enterprises host a myriad of different platforms. A policy that supports all platforms is a must, especially for companies with non sequitur hardware. This can help you cut down on infrastructure cost and improve operational efficiency. The [...]

The Best Security For Mobile Devices

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Many enterprises are now embracing mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. The rapid adoption of these devices has enabled greater mobility to the workforce. However, it has brought up a myriad of security concerns that need to be addressed in practice and policy. The degree you can control security on the mobile devices used by [...]

Your Data In The Cloud – The Good and The Bad

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An October 10, 2011 Network World article titled “Beware of the iCloud” described an enterprise nightmare scenario around Apple’s newly introduced cloud storage service: “You’re at your office Mac, working on a sensitive company document.  There’s a copy of the document automatically pushed to your iPad, which a family member borrowed and took to Starbucks.  There’s [...]