Secure Collaboration Guide

What You Need to Know About Protecting
People, Data, and Devices



Flexible work environments enable their teams to contribute from anywhere, at any time. Positioning workers of all types to achieve their potential to dream up, share, and execute on innovations helps the entire organization disrupt the marketplace.

Smart companies leverage the power of collaboration tools to tap into the power of ideas. To allow users to work together more closely, share ideas more quickly, and maximize productivity.

Unfortunately, the digitally connected workplace is also under constant attack. Its data is a target for cyberthieves, cyber mischief-makers, and cyber extortionists. These criminals are smart and relentless and the news is filled with stories about their successes in breaching the very systems designed to thwart them.

Smart companies prioritize cybersecurity to prevent data loss, PR embarrassment, and remediation costs associated with breaches.